Sdestra's Natural Hair Regimen

Sdestra's Natural Hair Regimen
(Updated 10.1.2015) 
 Shampoo once a month or as needed: 
* Creme of Nature Conditioning Shampoo

Hot Oil Treatment:
* Castor Oil
(Done before shampooing)

Cowashing 1x per week: 
(Cowashing is washing with just conditioner)
* Aussie Moist Conditioner
* VO5 Conditioner
* EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil)

Deep Conditioning:
* Aussie Moist Conditioner
* EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil)

 Leave Ins:
* ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave In Conditioner
* ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer
* Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner

Moisturizers & Styling products
* Cantu Shea Butter Leave - In Conditioner
* Cantu Coconut Curling Cream
* Elasta QP Mango Butter
* Shea Butter Mix 
(made with oils 
& used to seal moisture as well)
* Ecostyler Gel

Drying & Styling:
* Air dry in large twists
* Banding Method
* Blow Dry with wide tooth comb
(only before visiting the barber)
* Styling –twist out, afro, perm rods

Gel used for styling
* Ecostyler Gel

Hair Tools and Must Haves:
* Satin Hair Bonnet
* Satin Hair Scarf
* Rat tail comb
* Wide tooth comb
* Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush
*tooth brush for edges
* Denman Brush
* Patience

Other Info:

* Hair ends and edges moisturized almost daily
* Hair detangled with conditioner
 *I see my barber about every 2-3 weeks for a tapered cut.
Sides and back are cut low and lined.
The top is growing out, but I have him do a light dust/trim all around every 2 months.
Only blow dry my hair before the visit.

Please Note:
The regimen is used as a guide.
 Everything is not in stone. 
Sometimes I do miss a wash day, don't co wash for 2 weeks 
or forget to moisturize once in a while.

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