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I can answer questions about both RELAXED and NATURAL hair.  I am relaxed and do long stretches which may relate to those who are transitioning to a certain degree.  My daughter has natural hair, and I use a minimal amount of products.  I am not an expert on products and do not know every product that is out there on the market, but can assist in a little bit of research.  I can definitely provide techniques on hair care.
Blog posts, advice and/or comments are for informational purposes only.  I am not an expert on hair products, techniques & research.  I do not promote any hair products but discuss them in relation to personal results and expem here to share what I have learned throughout our (my daughter's and my) healthy hair journies in hope that some can benefit from it at their own discretion.  Hair regimens are subjected to change without notice.  Any information shared from other sources will be credited accordingly and respectfully.

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