Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Child's Hair Stopped Growing - Another Reason Besides Breakage

My child's hair stopped growing.  
I hear that very often.

I wrote about this before, but elsewhere and never posted it here. Decided to share it with you all.

When I first started my daughter's hair journey, I thought the same at one point because it seemed as though her hair stayed stuck in one length for a while.  I thought it was because her hair was breaking. But her ends were always healthy.

Many of us who are currently on a hair journey went through the phase where we thought that the hair was not growing.  And many of us learned that the hair will always grow, it's just that maintenance and length retention was key to keep what has grown out of the scalp. 

But hair does grow unless there is an underlying medical condition hindering it.  We have to remember that the oldest part of the hair are the ends and we need to take care of it more. When the ends are not taken care of properly, it will slowly break off as fast as it is growing from the scalp.  Making it appear that the hair is not growing.

But what about our kids whose hair we take care of religiously?  We follow every routine in their hair regimen, moisturize every night, deep condition...etc.? But it seems as though he or she is stuck at one length.

The hair is still growing.  But with children....let us remember that they still go through a growth process and go through growth spurts as well.  As they grow taller, their height can take away from the length of the hair.

Being adults, we stop growing taller at around a certain age.  We stay the same height from then on.  During our hair journey, we will see the length fall at certain points on our bodies as long as we maintain it to retain it. 

My daughter is currently 10 years old. Her hair length has been toggling between below waist and tail bone length. It is not a big issue for me because I know how we have been working to maintain her hair length.  She is getting taller so I do not make her hair length an issue at this point.

In keeping track of your child's hair growth progress, I recommend that measuring the length of the hair, than to rely on where it sits on their body is better. Here are also factors to consider, your child's hair growth rate as well.  Side note: personally, mine grows less than half an inch per month.

Despite that, it is still important to continue to the healthy methods you have been using on your child's hair.

*Cowash more and shampoo only as needed
*Combing from ends to roots with a wide tooth comb
*Moisturize the hair ends often or as needed
*Using Oils on the scalp to help promote healthy hair growth
*Using the LOC/LCO Method to help with moisture
*Avoid too much tension when braiding/styling
*Keep moisturizing and using protective styles to protect the hair ends and retain length
*Try not to use too much hair accessories with metal connectors or pieces that can snag the hair
*Using a satin scarf around their heads or have them sleep on a satin pillow case
*Try focusing on the health of your child's hair and the growth will be an added bonus
*Measure the hair instead of relying on where it falls on the back will protect youfrom discouragement & disappointment.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blow Drying Natural Hair - Tension Method

I don't really blow dry my daughter's hair. It is on a rare ocassion when it is done.  But I usually stretch it out first to elongate her hair before styling.

Some people thought it took my hours to dry her hair because of the amount of it she has.  Actually, it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes.  The key to this is technique is to keep the hair parted.  From the time I wash her hair to blow drying it, I keep her hair parted in sections.  Those things help avoid tangling during each processes.  Each section is worked on at a time and results in a quick and effortless process with everything.

The tension method works well for us because I do not have to use a comb attachment to dry her hair.  Using a comb attachment adds more stress to the hair.  Pulling, possibly tangles and breakage as well.

Basically, a section of hair is held down firmly while the blow dryer is run up and down the length of the hair using low heat.  Cool setting can be used as well.

Below is the video on how I do it, products used and results.