Monday, August 31, 2015

My Natural Hair Journey So Far

It has definitely been a while!
Making my story short, family was my priority during the past few months. Always been a priority, but focusing on the children, academics and activities.  Although I have been active on Instagram, that was an easier way to quickly post and keep it going.
Blog posting and Youtube, I scaled back on it for a while. But I thank you for your support on the other social media outlets I am on.
The only thing I want to say is that I have been loving my hair. The natural journey and my tapered hair cut.  I plan on letting it all grow out next year, but for now, I wanted to enjoy a certain look. And that look has been my signature look for a while. The tapered afro. 
I can no longer call it a TWA anymore because I do have about 6-7 inches on the top of my head.
I do see the barber regularly for my cuts and he has been great every time.
When I decide to completely grow it out, I will share the news. But for now, I'm enjoying this ride with this look and the fun I'm having with it.
I will be sharing my twist out techniques and new hair regimen as well once that is in place and organized. It hasn't really changed much from when I was relaxed.
I will share more soon. But for now, a pic of my healthy hair journey so far.  Stay tuned.

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