Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sponge Curls On Natural Hair - Using A Sponge To Create "Curls" Within Minutes

Recently, a follower had commented that she curls her natural hair within a few minutes by doing Sponge Curls.  So I researched it a bit and found a video which I have posted below. 

Basically it is a sponge with holes which captures hair strands as you rotate it around the head, causing your natural "curls" to become defined.  It gives it beautiful textured look.  I honestly think it is very innovative.

There are a few brands out there and some people had created their own by cutting holes into sponges.

I know during my relaxed hair journey, so many on their personal journey were avoiding the sponge rollers like the plague.  It was understood that the sponge dries the hair, and also snags it too.  That can cause slow breakage.

My thing is, would it cause "damage" to the hair if used too often?

Would it be beneficial to use if you want to achieve curls in minutes, but trying to grow your hair out.  If someone plans on keeping their hair cut low, then I can see how it can be used often.  By the time their next barber visit comes around, the hair that sustained the rotation of the sponge is gone due to a fresh cut.  So therefore, there might not be room to create and have damaged hair .  I can see how it can be great for some though.  But I am just speculating.

Since I am not so pressed on growing my hair out right now, and get a few trims for another month or two before I grow it out. I would definitely give it a try for a while.  It would be my emergency go to hair tool.

Would you give it a try?

The "Curl Sponge"

Before And After Photo Using the Curl Sponge

The "Curl Sponge" Instagram To See Results