Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Twisted FroHawk on MadiMel's Natural Hair (Mohawk/Fauxhawk)

I had posted a photo of my daughter, MadiMel's hair on Instagram, Facebook and other sites and it has become popular.  I saw the same or similar hair style on so many different sites, many different times, etc. And I know that so many people have done it themselves. I came across a few people whho stopped me and asked about her hair style.  I gave them my Youtube channel information and told them a video will be posted soon.

It was one morning, I did not feel like doing much with her hair after being styled in a bun.  It seemed too much to deal with and I woke up tired.  I decided to try out the style on her hair since she was in between hair styles anyway. And the results were good.  MadiMel is at that age where she is becoming picky, so when she saw this style, she fell in love and couldn't stop staring at her hair.

After posting the photo, I received so many requests to do a tutorial.  I finally posted it today and hope you like it!  Take care and God bless!


  1. Very cute! Good job.

    Abbi of

  2. It is difficult to manage curly hairs. I like your video. It is as the tutorial to manage your hairs.

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  3. She has the loveliest hair, the style suits her to perfection.

  4. This is soo cute.

  5. Thank you so much! Tutorial was very easy to follow. My daughter liked seeing the young hair model participate.

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