Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Determining Hair Length And Landmarks On Your Body

Where does your hair fall on the chart?

People have different body types, long and short torsos too. I have a shorter torso than the length of my legs and I am 5'4. Although I am mid back length (MBL) at the fullest part of my hair, I am almost grazing waist length (WL) at the same time.

Waist Length example:

For some one who is 6 feet tall, it may take longer for him/her to reach WL if we both started with bald heads and our hair grew at the same exact rate.

While we're on WL, not many people know where their waist is, and it is around the navel area all the way around. Because everyone is shaped differently, determining where the waist can be challenging. For example, I do have curves and there is about a 15 inch difference between my waist and hip area.  Before starting my hair journey, I always thought my waist was right above my hips...meaning it was around the bikini line.  I was totally wrong because it was actually higher.

Are You Really Bra Strap Length:

Being Bra Strap Length (BSL) seems to be an important landmark on your body. It's almost a mid point and a point where people feel if their hair is long or not. Either you're almost there or past it.

I know many of us vary in size when it comes to our lovely lady lumps (breasts). I have seen where women who are or claim bra strap length claim it improperly (in my opinion). Are you wearing the right bra? Is the bra fitting you properly?
  • A person may have their bra sitting too low for their body and they are really BSL.
  • A person may have their bra sitting too high for their body and they are not BSL.
  • A person may ALSO have their bra on all wrong on their body and may be MBL...go figure?
See the difference?

Looking at People's Personalized Hair Journies:

Many of us on hair journies document our lengths by putting a chart together as we go along to see and share our personal progress. But that is relative to the person who put it together and so is mine:

  • Don't look at someone else's hair length and expect to be at certain points they've reached at certain time lengths. (You will most likely disappoint yourself).

  • Do you know where the different land marks fall on YOUR OWN body?  Consider your body shape and size; hair length landmarks will be relative to you.

  • The average hair growth rate per month is about half an inch. This is AVERAGE. But some people will have a faster rate and others a slower rate like I do.

  • What is your level of patience when it comes to meeting your own length goals?

Here's a video that my "boo thang" Traycee did on determing hair lengths which we also discussed recently and agreed on so many points: The Big Debate About Hair Lengths

What would you like to add?

Happy Growing and we'll chat soon!

Side note:
For health reasons first, get fitted for the right bra for the right support. And if you're length conscious, it will make a difference as to what you really are with your hair too.


  1. Almost all length is relative. What's MBL on her might be BSL for someone else. While it can be hard to do, we have to remember that these charts are for us to track our own individual progress not anyone else's. Thanks for this post doll!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I agree with you and Traycee that BSL is the most controversial length. I've had ladies claim BSL for me when I don't think I've ever really BEEN bsl. Everytime my tips hit where I think BSL is on me, a big ole trim is needed. I think its personal and as long as you have landmarks where you can tell you are retaining your growth its cool. For me its anti-climatic to claim a length before really reaching it. Why? Just to be able to say "I'm BSL/MBL/WL" I want to actually HAVE the (healthy) length before I say it.

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