Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hey Ya'll - I'm Back !!!!

Well, I didn't really go any  I took an unintentional hiatus due to here goes:

Hey my lovely ladies and gents!

I am doing absolutely well and praise God for it!  Feeling blessed, great and excited...excited for what?  I'm living and enjoying life.  You don't need the finer things in life to enjoy it, as long as you have what you need, God in your life and're blessed.  Give praises to him all day every day!

I had so much going on within the past three months and haven't had time to sit down and post.  Actually, I'm  I had the time to post but haven't had time to sit.  Makes sense?

Once I finish what I need to do, I basically shut every thing off and indulge myself in some me time.  I am on Instagram more than anything.  Instagram is quick, easy and mobile.  Blogger is mobile too, but I'm still a little leery about how it works.  But I have quite of things to talk about, mainly about events and hair molded into different posts.

Events, trips, holidays and birthdays are slowly coming to a halt soon (temporarily) and I'm going to start catching up on some things with you.  Sorry for

But I posted a video the other day with some updates and random things.  Watch, enjoy and comment! Subscribe if you haven't done so, follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook fan page too!

God bless and we'll chat soon!