Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock - Holiday Hair Special

I want to wish you all a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas!

Tonkabelle of Wura's Secret Hair shared a wonderful idea for some of the hair/beauty bloggers to share their Holiday hair style.

Here are steps as to how I achieved this hair style.  Please note, that I used Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter as a moisturizer and to lay the hair down instead of gel.  I am almost 8 weeks post relaxer.  Hope you like it and enjoy!

1. I did parted the hair in the front into a trapezoid shape.

2. I pulled the rest of the hair back and used a panty hose leg to secure it.

3. I slide the pony tail through a sock bun

4. Spread the hair out over the sock bun and smooth it down.

5. I use a ponytail holder to slide over the sock bun which secures the hair.

6. The loose hair, I gently roll it under the bun going in a clock-wise direction, using one pin to hold the end in place.

7. The front of the hair, I use two Caruso Rollers to curl the front.

8. I finger comb and then take some strands to pin to the side, leaving a few hairs hanging to form tendrils.

Visit these lovely young ladies who are also sharing their wonderful Holiday Hair styles!

Dr. Fomsky of the Sizzling Mommy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

L.O.C. Method on Relaxed Hair

I recently posted an "Air Drying on Relaxed Hair" video on Youtube and showed the process on how I do it with no heat.  In the video, I did a process called the L.O.C. Method on my relaxed hair.   A subscriber observed this as she watched the video and asked should I have sealed with the oil last.  I realized that I did not explain this as a quick FYI in the video. Many of us learned, to seal in moisture, we usually seal everything with an oil, right?

I have been reading many blogs about this method, and I noticed that a lot of women who have natural hair have tried it and loved it. I read about it on Curly Nikki's blog, whom one of her lovely guest bloggers wrote about her experience in doing it on her natural hair. 

What is the LOC Method? The acronyms L.O.C. stands for, Liquid, Oil, Cream

(L) Liquid: You use liquid on your hair such as water
(O) Oil: You seal with an oil to lock in the liquid moisture 
(C) Cream: Finally, you put on a cream over the oil and liquid 

Basically it is a way of sealing the hair of it's moisture, twice. Each layer is sealed for more moisture retention.  I am sure some people have been doing this for a long time, way before a name was given to it; to which it recently rose to popularity among the hair care world. 

So, I tried the L.O.C. method on my relaxed hair.  Some of you may know that my hair is prone to getting dry easily since I mentioned it via several sources.  And I have relaxed hair.  So with relaxed hair, we do have to work a little more to keep it moisturized.

When I first read about this method, I said to myself...it would not hurt for me to try it. And what did I have to lose any way?  I am just using moisturizers and sealants.

I watched several Youtube videos from those you happen to have natural hair, and read blogs about it to get more information.  I tried it for a little over a month, without mentioning anything so I can test it out myself before I shared my experience. 

Here is what I did and used for the L.O.C. Method:

(L) Liquid: Water (hair is wet from washing), ApHogee Pro Vitamin Leave-In 

(O) Oil: - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) 

(C) Cream: - Elasta QP Mango Butter 

The results:

I am happy to say that it has worked for me to hold in more moisture for MUCH, MUCH LONGER.  I observed and tried to notice if my hair needed daily moisture as before.  You know how that can be, if you moisturize almost every day, you are prone to build up depending on what products you use.

Before, I had to moisturize my hair almost every 2 days.  After implementing the method, I noticed that may hair can go almost 5 days without re-moisturizing after doing it few times.  Because of my experience, the L.O.C. Method works on my relaxed hair and is here to stay!  .

It may not work for every one just like it does/did not work for every one who is natural. But I do feel confident that we can implement that into our hair care regimen. Some of the products I use may be heavy for your hair, but I am sure there are products you have that can make this method work for you.

Questions for all of my natural, relaxed/texlaxed ladies: 

Has anyone used L.O.C. method?  How has it worked for you?  Are you going to try it?  What products will you or did you use?