Thursday, November 15, 2012

"That's That Stuff I Don't Like" (Hair Bloggers Edition)

The lovely Tathiana, the blogger of My Pound Cake, came up with an idea to do a bloggers edition on stuff that we don't like.  Many of you may be familiar with several YouTube Tags on the same topic sharing their pet peeves.  This should be fun and tell me if you share any of my pet peeves! 

That's That Stuff I Don't Like....
1. I do not like the phrase "mixed hair".  Everyone has mixed hair because of the several hair types we have on our head.  What is mixed hair?  I thought we all, as a human race have straight, curly, kinky or tightly coiled hair.  Maybe, SOME people who are biracial tend to fall in a category with a certain hair type, but to me, it would not be "mixed" hair.  Then I'm mixed since I have 4 gazillion hair types on my head.

2. I do not like when a product worked on my hair and it made it look amazing!  Then next time, it makes my hair look like crap, even if I used it the same exact way.

3. I do not like to spend a lot of money on hair products. I am one of those who will pick up the product, check out the price, look at it and start thinking of all my uses of the products.  I go through a mental list of 100 reasons why I need it and a list of 5 reasons why I do not.  I put it back down on the shelf, walk away. Then I charge down the aisle to find myself picking it up again, to get to the register and tell the cashier that I will not buy it while he/she is ringing up my purchases.

4. I do not like when I get questioned by cashiers for the hair products I purchase, such as VO5 and/or Herbal Essence's products.  "I thought that was only for white people..." Yes it does work for many of us too!

5. I do not like negative comments from people I know who thinks documenting my "hair journey" is silly and pathetic.  But then come to me later for hair advice.  I'll let you guess if I actually help them.

6. I do not like after I do my daughter's hair, she complains about the way just ONE twist falls over her head. 
7. I do not like when I get comments that my hair is long because my mom has long hair and therefore my daughter will also have long hair.  Hair length is not hereditary. There are many who never had long hair in their families, but acquired long hair because of their healthy hair journies.

8. I do not like when I have no clue what to do with my hair, especially if I am going out with friends or my husband. I want to look hot!
9. I do not like RANDOM people touching my hair, I do not know you, so kick rocks and bounce.  Do not just ram your fingers into my scalp without even having the audacity to ask.  Last time someone did that, her hand was smacked hard...and it happened in church too ;-)!  Don't bother to touch my childrens' hairs too...we are going to fight!

10. I do not like when I am told that I do not look Haitian because my hair is long...and that Haitian people have short, brillo pad looking hair.  Stop watching TV all the time and believe everything you see.  Black people all over the earth come in all colors of the spectrum along with different types of hair.  Everyone is beautiful!

That's That Stuff I Don't Like...

I originally started tagging bloggers, but consider all of you tagged, especially if you are a hair blogger!

What's the stuff that you don't like?


  1. HAHA!! Def. Very funny!! And i have to agree with all your points! I don't like purchasing products either so it takes me several trips of reading ingredients and such before i actually make up my mind and then I don't like it when I go to the store (since there is only one BSS around me) and pple look at me like "weren't you here yesterday?" LOL... Last I checked there wasn't a limit to how many times I can visit a store LOL

    I would blog about this but I have a video comming up so I will pour out my frustrations there haha...

    Great post!

  2. 1. I don't like when people say I wash my hair too much
    2. I don't like when people say that they hair can't grow because the people in their family never had long hair
    3. The whole natural vs relaxed bull-ish

    I'm sure their is more but I can't think of them lol

  3. I heart 3, 7 and 8. I once went to purchase 5 bottles of conditioners and 2 shampoos. The look on the attendant face was like,"where's she going with those?". I didn't put them back!

  4. I literally lol'd at #6, girl that was SO me as a kid! In fact I would take hair check breaks during my mom styling my hair so that I could look in the mirror and approve the progress, lmbo! I totally "get" your daughter...that was hilarious!