Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend Trip and Hair (Keeping It Simple)

Wedding at The Grove in NJ (Dress Made by Me)
I took a trip to New Jersey recently to celebrate my sister's birthday and to attend my cousin's wedding all in one weekend. 

My mother and brother flew in from Tampa, FL around the time my flight arrived into New Jersey.   My sister still lives there and my dad was already in town.

Of course I wanted to pig out and eat everything I missed...lol.  So I did...not everything I wanted, but I did.  It was bad of me, but I am back on track again!

I enjoyed my time with my sister and other relatives during her birthday celebration. And my cousin's wedding...all I can say is wow! Just beautiful, classy and it matched who she is, elegant.  I have a few photos from the wedding on my Instagram which you can view by (clicking here).

Now let me tell you before I even prepared for my trip, one of my concerns included my hair.  I just did not know what to do with it AT ALL.  I was not sure if I wanted to wear it up, straight, curled or anything...I just wanted to do everything to it.  So this was the original plan I came up with:

Day 1:
Wash & condition
Blow dry
Put it in a neat low bun using a sock bun
Before bed, dampen my hair, apply conditioner and do plaits

Day 2:
Wear a braid out
Wear it in a high bun for my sister's event later

Day 3 (morning of wedding):
Wash & condition
Blow dry
Flat iron to curl my hair

That was my hair plan for the weekend and I was gunho about doing this.  Then as the day of my departure started to approach...those plans with my hair were totally ridiculous...it really sounded ridiculous and was too much to do.  Let us add that I had to prepare some things for the husband, kids, do their hairs (remember, I am also growing my son's hair out), to make sure they were going to be comfortable while I am gone.  So my hair plans changed to this:

Day 1:
Wash & condition
Pull my hair into a high loose bun (no braid out, no sock bun)
Used a a minimal amount of moisturizer for my edges and hair ends

Day 2:
A loose french braid
Later, flat ironed it straight on low heat (it was perfect for the evening look for my sister's event)
Before bed, moisturized my hair with Elasta QP Mango Butter
Rolled my hair with 6 flexi rods

Day 3 (day of wedding):
Finger combed my hair and did a side part

So much easier, low manipulation, did not use a lot of heat but just to flat iron.  I also did hair styles that would not leave too many creases in my hair in order for me to flat iron it easily.  As a result, I was able to wear 3 different hair styles for the weekend and use heat just one time! 

I was so glad I did it that way, otherwise I would have been a mess and would not have time to enjoy myself.  I was out late at my sisters event until an undisclosed time and then had to be at the wedding location at 9 am the next morning to assist my cousin (the bride) and the wedding party.  I went to the location with the flexi rods and a scarf.   I got dressed and took my hair down, finger combed and kept it moving during the time I assisted the bridal party.

This is reminder as to why keeping it simple is key.  I think when we do go on a trips, or any event we tend to make things so complicated.  We also tend to think of doing things that are over the top that will require a lot more "work" to achieve a certain look.  I think our goal is to look our best, impeccable and "fly" (yes, it is an old idiom).  We can still do that without putting our hair through the ringer or come up with creative ways to come up with that certain "look".

How have you tried to keep it simple for an event, during a vacations and/or trip?  Did your hair plans change before or during?  Or did you make things complicated for yourself and regretted it after the fact?

I am curious to know and please share your suggestions!


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