Monday, October 1, 2012

Quick Update: Laziness with Hair

A few weeks ago I vented talked about how I had gotten so lazy with my hair.  I just did not want to or felt like dealing with it at all.  We all get like that some times, right?  My hair felt as though it needed deep penetrating moisture. It was not dry nor brittle, but it did not feel "normal" for my standards. That weekend after my last blog post, I prepooed, washed, deep conditioned and air dried my hair.  All I have been doing were protective styles since then: french braid (my fave), bun & braid outs.  I have not applied any type of heat to the hair which I will definitely benefit from; thickness and fullness.   I have been keeping up with moisturizing especially my hair edges since those areas tend to be the area that deal with a lot of stress.  I also have been cowashing like I used to and now my hair feels pretty normal again!

Here's a recent photo of a semi failed braid out.  One section looked straighter than others...but I made the best of it and brought that to the back of my ear.

Photo from Instagram: @Sdestra

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