Sunday, September 16, 2012

When You Just Don't Feel Like It!

I have not done anything to my hair for almost two weeks.  No cowashing, no comb detangling and I kept it in a simple loose bun style during the whole duration. Of course I finger combed, tied my hair up at night, moisturized my hair edges and moisturized the hair ends every other evening.

We do have regimens that we follow, but do we really follow it all the time?  I will not say that I am 100% consistent when it comes to my hair.  I use my regimen as a guide to reference to and cater to my hairs' needs when needed.

But for the past week, just as few other times...I just did not feel like being bothered with my hair at all!  Some of my reasons are because I become overwhelmed, I am tired after the day is over (kids - husband, household things, work, errands, etc.) and/or I am pushing it for the next day almost every day during that time frame.

After I get out of that trance of laziness, I go all out - deep condition and give my hair the TLC it needs.  And of course it feels great afterwards...not to mention the relief that it is finally done!

There are "Pros" and a "Cons" to not doing anything with and to the hair...

  • When you leave your hair alone
  • It can flourish
  • Less manipulation means less stress to the hair
  • Possible length retention
  • If your hair is relaxed, you may end up stretching your relaxer without realizing this and benefit from such...

  • Dry hair if you do not keep up with moisturizing
  • Hair may become badly tangled
  • Hair may smell depending on how you sweat
  • Build up on the scalp

Tonight may be the night I finally do something with it *sighs*...LOL.

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes?  What do you do with your hair during the periods of "laziness" or "neglect"?  How has that affected your hair?  What do you do with your hair after that long period you didn't do anything?

Thanks for reading and I'll keep you posted!


  1. Girl girl girl. You've been peeking in my window! ALL of this is me, the pros and the cons! I'm abou to shake off this funk I'm in! I still have goals to meet!

    1. LOL....and I've seen what you've been doing with that sexy head of yours! Did you decide on a challenge yet? I need to get my roller set skills up :-(

  2. The con about the hair smelling cracked me up. It gets tough sometimes though!
    I nominated you for a versatile blogger award and I would appreciate it if you accepted it

    1. LOL. I have taken a whiff of sweat from my hair...wasn't cute and I quickly washed that Thanks so much for the nomination love!