Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our FLOTUS (First Lady Of The United States)...

Mrs. Michelle Obama's speech during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC last night was beautiful and eloquently stated.  Her speech was from the heart, sincere, relatable and down to earth.  She was a woman that expressed the values that a lot of us focus on, which is family, sacrifices, how a character is revealed in a position and of unconditional love.  No matter what your political views are, we must say that she talked about her husband as many proud wives would.  She had such pride, dignity and effortlessly spoke about President Obama's positive morals and ethics.  On that note, Mrs. Ann Romney did the same respectively and in many ways expressed things about her husband that made her proud of him too.

I was overwhelmed with Michelle when she came out and before her speech because of her beauty!  And when she spoke, I was awed by everything...from pouring her soul about her husband to her whole look and vibe!

Mrs. Michelle Obama wore a gorgeous dress by designer Tracy Reese, who is from Detroit, Michigan. Her shoes were reportedly from one of her favorite stores, J.Crew.  She looked impeccable from her makeup, hair, jewelry and body.  Let's not forget to mention her intelligence, poise, confidence, sophistication and being articulate.  And it has been  mentioned that she spent about $500, shoes and dress combined.  Someone wore a Oscar De La Renta dress for almost triple the price last week during the RNC....hmmm...

We all were mesmerized with Mrs. Obama's arms that is always the buzz....her body is toned and she is very fit.  Being healthy is extremely feel good inside and out.  Eating right and exercising will provide an array of benefits, such as looking young, energetic, beautiful skin, hair and still have a functioning brain.  Seeing her looking as amazing as she always does, her  messages on health, fitness, empowerment and combating child obesity should be a motivation for us what are our excuses for not taking the steps to becoming healthy? 

Okay, so I can not stay away from this part!  Her hair was absolutely gorgeous, shiny and healthy looking.  And I will say one thing, and something I have always said for a very long time: "Healthy hair will always turn heads no matter what length it is."  And hers sure did!

Incase you missed Mrs. Obama's speech or want to watch it again with all of her fabulousness, here it is:

Our FLOTUS' Speech

In my opinion, the FLOTUS was on point from heart to soul and head to toe!  No matter of your political views she is definitely a positive role model for us and our young women growing up in this generation.

God bless and thanks for reading!

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