Thursday, August 2, 2012

US Gymnast Gabby Douglas Is So Much More Than Her Hair

I try to stay away from what I call stupidity and it took me a while to decide to post this because I don't like to get into discussions like this at times.

But Let's Talk:
What do you think about the comments on blogs regarding US Gymnast Gabby Douglas' hair? I do not appreciate the negative comments that I've seen so far and I continued to stop reading them. For her, it may be challenging to deal with her hair at this time because of how physical the sport is. She's constantly sweating while performing for the world and during practices in between while in London.

A few comments were in regards to her being a poor representation of black OF HER HAIR?!??! I'm sorry...I'm about to ROTF (Roll On The Floor) and LMBO (Laugh My Behind Off)! Seriously....her HAIR?

She's a beautiful talented young woman doing so many things at such a young ripe age! THAT should be something for us to be so proud of. We should also praise her parent(s) for being so supportive while making sacrifices to invest in her skilled talent. So what does that say about the women who are criticizing her about her hair? Shallow?

Let's see.... soon, Miss Douglas will be laughing all the way to the bank with her Olympic Gold Medals in tow no matter how much people talk about her hair.

(Plug in "Gabby Douglas Hair" in the google search to see how many blogs, etc are talking about her hair!) These are just my opinions :-)

But what do you think?


  1. I dont see why people care about her hair its not a beauty contest and the sad part it is black people who are criticizing hair as usual

    1. That's right! It is sad that it is our people that are doing this. So because of the uproar about her hair, now it shows that we can't support a young woman for her success. She dominated a skill/sport that "we" are not "popular" in within the media.

  2. It shows just their level of ignorance.

  3. It's seems like no matter how well you do in life someone always finds something negative to say. It really is a shame. I'm proud of her!!.....My five year old daughter likes her alot:-)

    1. That's so true. I've experienced it with people I know and it's sad. I just ignore it. Just seeing her on screen made me proud and my daughter too, was so excited to see her :-)