Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Growing My Son's Hair Out...

Faux Hawk

So let us begin with my hair journey and my daughter's hair journey!  We both started at the end of 2007...well, I started both of ours at the end of 2007.  I currently have bra strap length (BSL) relaxed hair and her natural hair is near waist length (WL) for her current height (she just turned 7).

My son was born January of last year and is currently eighteen and a half months old.  When he was born, his hair was so straight!  Of course I knew that his true hair texture would grow in soon and it was a matter of time.  Interesting to point out, my son has 3 hair swirls (hair whorl) on his head.  One towards the back of his head, which is where it usually is on most people and two right at the hairline in the front.  His hair is not dense like my daughter's, but like mine.  But his hair is as coarse as hers.  

A week old

I suggested to my husband one day that he get a hair cut which he responded to it by saying,"Well, why don't we grow his hair out for a while?"  I looked at our son and said to myself, Yes it would be cute to grow his hair long...but what about all of the hair I already have to deal with?!

Shrinkage & Stretched Out Hair
But without too much thought, I decided to go for it.  I am curious to find out how well his hair responds to my care.  I started my daughter's hair journey when she was about two and a half years old.  We'll see where this journey takes us.  I also would compare it to her hair journey because I am starting his a bit early than when I started hers.

*I have been cowashing his hair with VO5 Conditioner mixing it with EVCO.
*I moisturize his hair every day with a Shea Butter mixture that contains EVCO and Castor Oil.
*I shampoo his hair when needed and then condition with VO5.
*I gently use a wide tooth comb and Denman Brush (which he tries to use himself

His hair gets dry very easily and screams for moisture.  Otherwise, it is growing well so far and I will continue with his simple regimen.

Feel free to check out the tab labeled, "My Children's Hair Regimen".  It will have their regimens and a link to their hair photos as the journey continues.
(*still needs updating- they will be added to my Facebook Fan Page). 

I don't know when we'll decide to cut his hair, but for now he is on an UNOFFICIAL hair journey!

God bless!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Original Mango Butter
I reunited with one of my favorite hair products,

...Elasta QP's Mango Butter...

According to the official Elasta QP website, the Mango Butter is a moisturizer that:

  • Penetrates, protects and remoisturizes, leaving hair strong and healthy
  • Olive and coconut oils target dry ends and help prevent damage
  • Shine-enhancing, non-greasy formula
  • Intensely rich thermal protecting treatment

I was introduced to the Mango Butter a few years ago and fell in love with it.  That was before Olive Oil was added.

When we come across a new product we either ignore it or pay attention to it. When we do pay attention...we want it, get it and push the old product to the side for reasons such as:  the new product works better, we want to try something new, less ingredients and/or we just want to change products.  Nothing wrong with that, you never know what will work for you unless you explore.

I left the Mango Butter alone when I was told about and exposed to a line of hair products.  A plus for me was that the products were all natural, but for some reason it did not do its job...well, because of the hype that it was receiving, I felt as if it did not live up to it's hype.   But I can not assume what works for others will work for me and vice versa. 

I will not say that because the hair product line was all natural, it did not work for my hair.  That is far from the truth.  My regimen consists of natural items that have worked for me during my hair journey.  Unfortunately, the products from that line did not do it for me.  So after I stopped using that hair product line, that is when I started using more basic natural items.  I am talking about 100% unrefined Shea butter mixes, organic extra virgin coconut oil, castor oil, etc. The products I use on my daughter’s natural hair to keep it moisturized is what I have been using too!  Even my protein treatments are all natural!  But let us get back to the point...

The Mango Butter has been in use, although I have not used it on my hair for a long time.  I even bought more because it ran out during my break up hiatus with the product.  My husband was always faithful to it though.  After introducing him to coconut oil to his shampoos to slow down his dry scalp issue (which worked amazingly), the Elasta QP Mango Butter has been a staple for him. It kept his  hair and scalp moisturized on a daily basis.

Mango Butter with Olive Oil
What did the Elasta QP Mango Butter do for me?

  • It helped smooth, moisturize and lay my hair edges down without the use of gel.  And the gel would have not really kept my edges as moisturized.
  • It kept my new growth (NG) manageable and soft.
  • It was one of the few moisturizers that felt light on my hair when used in proper moderation.  A little bit will take you a long way in my honest opinion.
  • It did not weigh my hair down nor cause too much build up if used they way I used it almost every day.
  • It helped retain my hair ends too because of how well moisturized my hair ends were.
  • It also smelled great! 

The Mango Butter is back in my hair care regimen

What beauty products used religiously, loved, stop using and started using again?  And did you ever wonder or ask yourself why you stopped using the product(s) in the first place or what were you even thinking?

Thanks for reading and God bless!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

US Gymnast Gabby Douglas Is So Much More Than Her Hair

I try to stay away from what I call stupidity and it took me a while to decide to post this because I don't like to get into discussions like this at times.

But Let's Talk:
What do you think about the comments on blogs regarding US Gymnast Gabby Douglas' hair? I do not appreciate the negative comments that I've seen so far and I continued to stop reading them. For her, it may be challenging to deal with her hair at this time because of how physical the sport is. She's constantly sweating while performing for the world and during practices in between while in London.

A few comments were in regards to her being a poor representation of black OF HER HAIR?!??! I'm sorry...I'm about to ROTF (Roll On The Floor) and LMBO (Laugh My Behind Off)! Seriously....her HAIR?

She's a beautiful talented young woman doing so many things at such a young ripe age! THAT should be something for us to be so proud of. We should also praise her parent(s) for being so supportive while making sacrifices to invest in her skilled talent. So what does that say about the women who are criticizing her about her hair? Shallow?

Let's see.... soon, Miss Douglas will be laughing all the way to the bank with her Olympic Gold Medals in tow no matter how much people talk about her hair.

(Plug in "Gabby Douglas Hair" in the google search to see how many blogs, etc are talking about her hair!) These are just my opinions :-)

But what do you think?