Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's that time of year again! My daughter's dance recital!

I am not worried about what she is going to wear and how her hair will be done.  Her dance school almost literally wrote the rules in stone on how they should look and how the hair should be styled.  MadiMel will be in 3 different dance scenes, Ballet, Contemporary and Hip-Hop.  This has been her third year of dance at the same dance school. Third recital she has been a part of and my third time, for a recital, trying to figure out what to wear! 

It is hot in Metro Atlanta, yes the recital is indoors, but again...it is hot, humid and sticky. We are also talking about taking pictures with friends...outside, chatting with other parents...outside, running around to get ourselves ready for and after the show.  The first year, I wore a maxi dress with heeled sandals. The second year, leggings, camisole, a sleeveless belted sweater...and of course, heels! 

My attendance at this year's recital, I decided to not wear heels.  It saddens me because I love wearing heels (laughs)! Seriously, I love them.  At times, when I come back home with a pair of shoes, without looking, my husband will say, "I hope you bought a pair of flat shoes."  And of course I laugh because I obviously did not.
So now, I decided not to wear heels this time around and wear flat sandals instead.  I just need to figure out what to wear though.  I am planning on digging through my closet and figuring it out.  I may have another maxi dress in there somewhere that I can wear.  Accessorizing to compliment the dress and adding a sweater to give it a different classy look.

Now my problem is my HAIR!!!!  I am tired of buns at this moment...I know it is a great go-to hair style that you can jazz up with hair candy (ex. flowers).  Maybe I will do that and do something with the front.  Besides, it is a protective style and does not require much heat. I usually airdry before I style my hair like this, using a leave in to moisturize and a light gel.

Then I thought of setting my hair in a flexi rod set.  The great thing about this style; if it does not look good while it is out, you can simply pin it up in some way to make look creative and beautiful.  Braid-outs...for me, can be a hit or miss...but it is an option too. Both styles do not require much heat once you give yourself ample time to let it set.  I would put the rods in while my hair is partially damp with an oil and light gel.

The french braid is my ulimate favorite, but I am tired of that style too sometimes.  This also does not require heat.  I tie my hair down in the front and let the hair air dry.  Moisturize the hair and then braid it.

I know I'm making this more challenging than it should be.  But that is okay :-)  I'll figure it out before Sunday this week.  And I will keep you posted!


  1. Well judging from the pics, any hairdo will be beautiful!

    1. Aww, thanks for the compliment hun! I will post in a few days about what I decided to do with my hair going to the recital!

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